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Looking after the windows to your soul.


The skin around your eyes is more sensitive than other areas of your face. It is thin and has very few oils glands for natural hydration. It is prone to wrinkles and sagging.

ecobeech eye butter contains Cucumber Oil to soothe and reduce puffiness for the delicate skin under-eye area. Native Lemon Aspen to aid in the strengthening of the capillary wall, which can reduce dark circles around the eyes. Active ingredients are Seabuckthorn • Cucumber • Resveratrol.

  • TIP if your prone to eye puffiness put your eye cream in the fridge the coolness helps reduce the swelling.

Start now, and your eyes will love you for it.

  • ​Be gentle with your skin, avoid being rough with this delicate area, as these actions will cause a loss of elasticity. Be gentle when removing eye makeup.

  • Moisture around the eyes with a plumping lotion or serum ( look for hyaluronic acid). At night, use an eye cream containing collagen-encouraging peptides.

  • Wear sunglasses so you don’t get squint lines. But remember, we all have lines as we age, you don’t want to go through life, not smiling. Ageing is natural , I would rather have happy lines and lived life to the fullest.

  • Wear sun protection every day, this will go a long way to prevent wrinkle formation.

  • Before bed, gently massage your eye area so that your face muscles relax.

  • Avoid sleeping on your face, this will create more wrinkles.

  • Drink enough water and get enough sleep.

  • Eat a healthy, vitamin enriched diet.