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Looking after you

The old adage love the skin your in.....

Toxic chemical’s as ingredients in personal care products slowly build up in your system and/or your skin over time creating a dehydrated, more sensitive, reactive skin which is in poor health. For this reason alone it is best to avoid them.

When you think about the number of body, skin, hair and make-up products the average woman applies – studies say it can be as much as 168 different chemicals a day – it makes sense to switch to natural alternatives where we can.

If you’re layering on face moisturisers every day, for example, you could inadvertently be slathering on potentially irritating ingredients. But switch to a daily moisturiser spiked only with natural Hyaluronic acid (try ecobeech Element 5 moisturiser)  and you’ve found yourself an easy way to eliminate some of the build-up.

The natural way of thinking is catching on. In fact,  more than half of Australian women prefer to use natural products over synthetic counterparts. When asked why they decided to  change,  natural ingredients, a lack of harsh chemicals, and natural beauty’s cruelty-free stance as reasons for the switch.

Going natural will make a very real difference at pore level too.

“The appearance of our skin reflects our internal health and holistic lifestyle choices,” “We can now have results-led organic skincare that will transform the skin .”

Makeup is also a good place to start. “The ingredients that are created to make cosmetic makeup products last longer are on the whole because they are not natural but I like many other women and men like wearing makeup it makes us feel good about ourselves we are able to enhance our looks where we might be lacking ..lips ...eyes etc. The way we can counteract the pay off is to make sure we are looking after the base or the layer we put between the makeup and our skin.  Believe me your skin will love you for it and your makeup will look amazing because you have looked after the canvas which is your face.

“It is time to understand not just what you’re putting in your body, but what you’re putting on your body.

Just rotating one or two natural alternatives into your skincare routine will make a big difference to your exposure to potentially unhealthy chemicals.

Most of the skincare I choose, I really try to be mindful of making sure that they’re healthy, sustainable and non-toxic.” 

A good skincare regime can take as little as five minutes in the morning and night but the treatments to your skin can have a profound flow on effect.  You will notice your skin improve because essentially you are feeding your skin with nutrients why is this.

  • Your skin is a fully functioning organ, no different to your liver, heart, kidneys and brain. It serves to both protect you from and interact with the world outside of your body. One of your skin’s important roles as an organ is detoxification.
  • It’s teeming with bacteria and micro-organisms that work in synergy with the immune system in your skin. Like the bacteria in your digestive tract they can be beneficial or inflammatory and damaging. Chemicals in products you use on your skin can alter balance of bugs on your skin.
  • Much of what you put onto your skin is absorbed into your body. Toxins and chemicals absorbed into your body from your skin can be less safe than eating them. If you eat something and it’s absorbed, it has to get past your liver your largest organ first before it can cause damage in your body.  There is no chemical processing plant and filter like your liver that helps to protect you from nasties absorbed into your body via your skin.
  • You skin has its own cycles and rhythms. It heals, regenerates and detoxifies over night while you’re sleeping and using the wrong products can interfere with this process.

Skins by ecobeech understands and honours your skin there is so much more to help your well being with your mind body and soul – but  this is a great start!

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