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10 Skincare Hacks we swear by.

Tried and true hacks to save time and money, the ecobeech team swears by these little gems.

• Apply moisturiser while the body is still damp from the shower. This moisturiser performs better on damp skin, penetrating the skin at a faster rate. 

• Don’t waste the products you have bought for your face that you don’t like use it on your body and you won’t waste your money. 

• Going out for the night?, try using body oil for extra glow—and you can add a squirt of a highlighter to the oil for seriously a sexy glow.

• For that dewy glow try a couple of drops of your facial oil in your foundation just enough to make you glow. This will also keep your dry skin at bay. 

• Use lotion on your legs and arms before bed and put your PJs on the heat from your body will penetrate while you sleep drawing it deeper into the skin. The result: smooth and sexy.

• After applying your sunscreen to your face, use it on the back of your hands and chest. These are areas you really need to protect from sun damage.

• Use coconut oil, jojoba oil, or olive oil as a shaving cream. These oils are excellent body hydrators. They are all-natural and leave skin smooth and moisturised.

• To naturally get rid of ingrown hairs, exfoliate in the shower letting the skin get nice and warm and lastly tweeze those nasties out. 

• Always condition your hair then wash your face and body so you don’t have lingering product on your skin.

• A refreshing last step in your skin care routine, a chilled eye cream is just the thing for puffy lids–especially when you’re battling away in a stifling, steamy bathroom! Not only does it feel great, it will also help take away puffiness and boost circulation to the skin.